No one at home is talking to me. Neet pg is in like 90 days

I didnt even qualify in inicet. I feel like a complete loser. No one at home is talking to me. Neet pg is in like 90 days. Is there any point in preparing for neet pg? Or should I accept the fact that i am not fit for this and go to work? I really don’t need motivation. I need some honest opinions. Please help.

Now that i completed my md …this is what i observed…some ppl who didnt qualify in exams for inis went on to pursue clinical branches of their choice in other institutes & vice-versa…everyone’s gotta start somewhere in the pursuit of their interests…where & when u want to start is a choice u can make to some extent…it is impossible to give a pg seat to every single aspirant who appears for the exam…as they are limited…specialty degree obtained is valid nt jst from inis …but frm other institutes too…there is dnb too…neet & inicet are pretty different when it comes to style of questions ,seats & counselling…there is hope… try to cover as much high yield topics as possible…atb

No matter what…never lose hope…if you really worked hard it will definitely pay you…the thing is why it’s taking time is bec you might deserve something much better than that and who knows if you might have qualified inicet you wouldn’t have got your dream branch,so stop demotivating yourself…there is a meaning behind everything in this world,trust on God and yourself, I bet you will get much much better opportunity