Non academic post..Very much bored after exam

Non academic post…

Very much bored after exam… Dont know what to do… Guys please suggest some ways to keep mind occupied and kill time until results!!😄😄 ( movies and books suggestions also encouraged)

Go for some kind of a trip… if you can go solo… it would be so much fun…to explore yourself and the nature…

Bacillus Cereus some off beat destinations can u suggest?? Dont want much crowd

Uttarakhand is a good destination… nainital too…but can’t comment about the crowd thing.

before p.g joining, this is the only period which you can get for fun. after this no tym for self,family😣

Sharma Mohan depends on the branch na? Or every branch is like this? Wat about psychiatry, psm?

Eat home food, get fit, sleep well!

You’ll hardly get any time for these during residency

Archit Krishna Manohar bro which branches are less hectic? Wat about psychiatry?

for eg: if no. of psychiatry seats are 2 per year and you are the first batch there, you will be on call on every alternate day and will also have to attend opd, look after IP, etc.

Mumbai dairies on prime… if not watched…

abt 26/11 bt focusing more on docs n hospital

Head to and watch all the movies you want.

I suggest this book: In order to live by Yeonmi Park. It’s about a north korean defector. Great read.

I think one can rest atmost for 4 to 5 days not more than that, this not our usual NEET where we used to take almost a month long rest after exams, this is extraordinarily delayed NEET, so nov INICET is just around the corner, in all universities schedule of post 2 nd wave covid exam has not changed so gap between exams has reduced drastically, so one should not be surprised if NEET PG happens in January, so only sane thing to do is to take max 1 week rest and just keep studying

this is the case every year, exams happen in January but everyone whose internship finishes by 30th march of that year is eligible.