Non-specific pain pathway is for?

Non-specific pain pathway is for?
a) Nociceptive pain
b) Neuropathic pain
c) Idiopathic pain
d) Inflammatory pain
Correct Answer - C
Ans. C. Idiopathic pain
[Ref Textbook of psychotherapy p.6]
Pain may be divided into: -
Nociceptive pain:
It is musculoskeletal pain that results from injury or inflammatory or
degenerative disorders, e.g. bone fracture or arthritis or burn.
Neuropathic pain:
It is due to dysfunction/damage of nerves, e.g. prolapse
intervertebral disc.
Mixed pain:
It has components of both nociceptive and neuropathic pains.
Idiopathic or unspecified pain:
It is purely psychological in nature and is therefore called
psychogenic pain