#NonAcademic How are ya'll spending your quality time right now?

How are ya’ll spending your quality time right now?
Are some of you working?

Watching series, playing games, spending time with family…✔️


Learning about stock market

Working,social media,binge eating, sleeping

Boring as hell. Case is even worse for repeaters as they don’t have their friends to hang with.

Started gym… got fever and muscle soreness 🤣😂

Felt like zombie with tetanus for 4 days 🤣🤣🤣

Started again today

Today did 1 hour biceps exercise and cardio… nothing hurting now…

Hurdles and resistance makes us stronger 💪

Working, web series, novels, fifa and nfs on ps4, travelling…hardly any sleep in order to enjoy at the fullest 😂

Reading (non academic) mostly