Not True regarding Sub Dural hematoma

Not True regarding Sub Dural hematoma

a) Occurs on both sides

b) X ray not visible

c) Surgery can be done

d) Unilateral surgery

Ans: A Reference: Bailey and love, 27th ed; pg. 334-335 Explanation:

• Subdural hematoma is collection of blood between the dura and arachnoid layers of the meninges • Causes being Trauma leading to acute subdural hematoma and in elderly, even trivial trauma causes bleed who are on anticoagulation • Usually diagnosed with Non contrast CT brain which differentiates acute from chronic subdural hematoma • Acute subdural hematoma have characteristic finding of hyperdense concavo-convex lesion on side of the brain with or without midline shift • In acute conditions, urgent surgical evacuation is needed in the form of craniotomy or craniectomy. • Those presenting with chronic subdural hematomas, anticoagulation should be reversed by Vitamin K and steroids as conservative options. If severe, can undergo burr hole procedure to evacuate the clot.