November 2019 - Surgery Questions and Solutions

November 2019 - Surgery Questions and Solutions

  1. Surgery questions were on expected lines. Mix of visuals and clinical questions

  2. Key takeaway is that attending internship and clinics is a must. It is difficult to predict the clinical signs which they will ask in the future but if you regularly attend the clinics, you can answer them easily. These questions are bound to increase in the future

  3. Questions are purely based on recall - if you find any options out of place, please drop a comment and I will correct it. Also, if there is any question which I have missed out, please let me know.

  4. Two questions which are missing are - upper GI haemorrhage (variceal h’ge - which is not given - answer was platelets)
    (TACO, TRALI scenario) , pneumothorax sign - still gathering the options

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