Now every district hospital is going to convert medical college

Now every district hospital is going to convert medical college

But as usual there will not be much facilities in govt hospitals,so private sector is gonna run smooth anyway

Ab toh bhaiya ghar ghar main dactar bethenge! (Berozgar) 😂

And whom will they appoint as professors in these district Hospitals turned medical College…?

I think we all know that.

The ones who must not be named.

India need a lot more doctors actually. Only metros are saturated. People in Rural areas of north India still need to travel 100+ KMs to see a doctor

Government jaane k baad educated government aayi…bus wait kro thoda

These kind of politically influenced plans (which they already doing by opening more n more med colleges without infrastructure) make it saturated…In future med field may loose its charm…n also income may also come down as thr will be lots of competition…as with dental n engineering fields which r already saturated n now it’s this field…!!

For few years enough jobs in non clinical branches…pvt practices will be done by people attached with colleges… and those who dont want to join colleges can join corporte hospitals

Private practice will run as it used to be no problem in that but district hospital should be as it is and medical college should be as it is unecessarily saturating medical profession like engineering will do harm than good