Now most of us thinking that the foreign country is safer for us

Now most of us thinking that the foreign country is safer for us

You’ll face racism there. Especially after outbreak of wuhan virus many people have become extremely hostile to Asians and hate crimes against them had increased

So the only option left is ,leave the planet

The options are that keep quiet yourself and work honestly

Those who r keep quiet they r more prone to these harrashments & abuse ,
So assign a mawali gundeys for ur protection on a payscale for ur safety, & lastley manage the police,
Atleast we r not beaten

Okay. May be you’ll escape but still no guarantee but what about all those your brothers & entire fraternity who can’t afford it brother.

Those who can’t, we must stand for each other, & make a ngo on district level for this ,
Bcoz if we behave like mahatma gandhi that make one slap more on my otherside cheeks, then society make a punch on our face & example is infront of u

That’s the message I wanted to give to our fraternity indirectly.

Why not directly,
Now from onwards if we r not stand for each other directly, then they will hit us directly ,&
We r supporting each other indirectly,

Plz don’t jump to conclusions. Plz go through my every single word.
And the message is very much clear.

Yaar m not criticising u , I m telling about wholesome of our drs community unity