Now we will understand mid brain

Sorry for the delay… Now we will understand mid brain… Upper level and lower level are same except for the Red Nucleus at upper level or at superior colliculus, substantia nigra is present at both levels… So at upper level of mid brain 1 red Nucleus 2 oculomotor nu and Edinger Westphal Nucleus 3 oculomotor nerve passing through red Nucleus and from medial side of cerebral peduncle 4 pretectal nu outside perieequiductal gray matter and 5 absence of lateral lemniscus.
At lower level that is inferior colliculus mid brain is identified as 1.absence of red Nucleus 2.trochlear nerve coming out of the mid brain from Dorsal or posterior side and lateral side of the cerebral peduncle 3.all four lemniscus are presented from medial to lateral as medial, trigeminal, spinal and lateral lemniscus… Mesencephalic Nucleus of trigeminal nerve is present at both the levels. So now it is easy… Thanks Dr Brijendra Singh AIIMS Jodhpur good luck