Obviously interns will be more prepared now

Obviously interns will be more prepared now

But regarding midrankers my friend with 580 marks started studying along with counseling she had a view she will get a seat but will not join till 12 march , after that if she gets a good rank in 22 neet she will resign.

Now she has to join , as exam is postponed so she will definitely hv no time to study.

Similar is a case with s lot of 10-15k dnb taking students

Since there was hardly any time between exam and counselling everyone was studying for this one month and if they got better ranks they will leave the seat and everyone knows 10-20k were as good as 1-10k , one revision would hv been sufficient for them

Now with exam postponed they wont be able to study only who were determined of taking a drop will study rest will join the job

The exam has been postponed to 21st ma

yeah thats why everyone now has to make a choice of studying or taking a seat

Right know for 12 march everyone was taking a seat + studying also.

I stopped reading midway.So confusing, khichdi ban gaya

Yes, now it’s clear and u r absolutely correct. Specially people r planning to take DNB and leave

yes dnb only debars for 3 yrs no monetary loss , if someone improves their rank.

First 1 month won’t be hectic. They can always study. Most branches don’t push you into doing work up of cases in the first month.

Pgtship is not a joke. Once a student leaves a seat after course starts after all rounds, that seat goes vacant for 3 years. You can not even imagine the pressure it creates on the entire batch and college. Imagine if most students of a batch decide to do so.

a lot of students had this thinking almost all above 7-8k were sailing in both boats.

Eder join korar drkar ki na korlei hy! Mane sob scheme e hbe! I can’t Blv someone just justified that wasting such seats were actually the plan!! Now that the exam is postponed the plan is gonna fail!! Like dude! There r people there begging for a seat who will not get it coz you decided to play waste it for 3 years and depriving them just COZ YOU CAN!!!

true. Amidst all the seat crisis going on, this just adds up to it. Moreover the impact it has on that particular dept even if 1 pgt drops out is tremendous. That particular person goes off by paying some money , others keep on suffering for those 3 years. Unfair for both aspirants and pgts. And what if the exam was not delayed so much in 1st place, would they have a chance to play this game? They would have to wait for 1 year.

Your friend proved that postponing exam was the right thing to do …counselling & exam should never happen side by side ….why take up a seat if you are preparing