Of all those who don't want exam *within a month*

Of all those who don’t want exam within a month, I bet majority of it fall below 60-70% percentiles in mocks anyway, feeling some sense of importance now maybe,no use.
Bt creating unnecessary uncertainties for long!!

bro I m intern at govt medical college, let me tell u atleast 30% intern in our batch is covid positive, most of them are symptomatic and also well prepared for exam. All of them decided to give exam in anyway, just imagine these people on center with our parents. And let me tell u bcoz of AC all centers don’t have ventilation available.

I can’t imagine there r sum narrow minded people still comparing ur percentile, this is the question of life and death, atleast for our parents and grandparents.

Its really sad there are sum SMALL Minded PEOPLE, who didn’t have anything in life, they just care about percentile, mock, exam.

Let me tell u bro my percentile is about 90%, but I m happy with this decision, bcoz I cared about my loved ones. Bcoz in my life I’m not lonely like sum people, who cares just about exam, percentile and nothing else. I feel very pity for such people.