Ok guys, can you help with this?

Ok guys, can you help with this? I swallowed a fried peice of chicken drummet that wasnt chewed thoroughly. It made it past my trachea but got lodged just below it. I tried so many things to dislodge it. Funny thing is I still could eat and drink. 24hours later it finally made it to the end of my esophagus and got stuck there. At 36 hours I couldn’t tell if it was gone or it was still there. And then the feeling went away. I keep clearing my throat like I’m congested. I dont feel ant heart burn but, do yall think it finally made into my stomach? Or, am I gonna end up with some esophageal and stomach problems because its fermenting in who knows what?

Nice description of self anatomy 😅😅

But you may be absolutely wrong

Any thing going into trachea will cause severe cough and choking like sometime even a small amount of water goes makes you cough to clear it

Now the second thing wnere do u think this unwanted chicken will stay in oesophagus.