Ok now some serious post regarding M.S General Surgery in a peripheral medical college in WB

Ok now some serious post regarding M.S General Surgery in a peripheral medical college in WB

First of all,you are welcome for your NEET PG rank

and congratulations for choosing general surgery as a excellent career option.

I personally was a die-hard fan of orthopedics during my undergraduate days but yeah situation has changed after NEET PG 2020.

It was my 2nd attempt and being an UR candidate I had to pick up one either DNB Ortho or MS Gen Surgery.

But yes somehow in WB ,DNB Ortho institutes were not so popular and my parents did not allow me to leave my state for DNB Ortho.

I have choosen MS General Surgery over DNB orthopaedic.

And believe now I can proudly say I have taken the right decision.

Being a general surgeon you can do a lots of operations by yourself and will get enough exposure for basic general surgical procedure with principles.

Being a PG resident of a peripheral medical college I have some few advices for my junior residents

1.Always try to maintain hierarchy in surgery whether it’s in dept or in unit and always be loyal to your VS.

2.Try to keep distance from intra and inter departmental politics.

3.Don’t make your mind from the very first that you will have opportunities to do each and every cases in your unit.you will be disappointed.

First try to be a good assistant and then then be the perfect S1.

4.Try to gain confidence of your seniors by good ward management skills.

5.Never expect that each and every senior will be polite or kind to you.one will be exceptional always😉

6.Don’t ask for leaves in first 5-6months untill unless it’s too serious for you.

7.There will be very little chance of academics in peripheral colleges.whatever you will learn will learn from your seniors and RMO and VS in OT.

It’s post graduate course no body will going to feed you with spoon

It’s upon you that how much you are crazy and interested for your subject.

And you have to build your academics by your own capabilities

8.yes in peripheral Medical Colleges you will get enough cases for your initial practice like hernias,

,hydrocele,appendix,hepatobillary cases,perianal cases,breast cancers,GI cancers etc.

9.Every unit is special and at the end of your course you will be good at everything more or less .so don’t be unhappy with your unit.

10.Try to read basic surgical techniques from seniors as well as some books but there is a huge workload in periphery so you will not get enough time for study until becoming JR3.

11.Learn how to manage interns skillfully.always reminder good management skills matters and you will be the dependable one in your unit for this unique reason.

12.Dont get involved in unnecessary time passing relationships if you are not so serious.😉your image will get hampered.

13.Always be thankful to your patients.Most of the patient you are going to deal are very poor and come from low socioeconomic backgrounds in periphery

14.Last but not the least.cases have been decreased in peripheral MCH due to COVID situation and due to some dalal chakra and swathyaswathi scheme so don’t get depressed.

What ever you will get in these 3 years will be sufficient for you and as my respected VS Dr.Nisith Chandra Karmakar always tells that "

Smiling face of patient going home is the greatest reward for all doctors.

Govt hospitals has many deficiencies,

but a great place to work, only here you can watch every sphere of life so closely. Gradually you will understand even with so many limitations you can give excellent service to humanity, just nurture your caring sole

Thanks a lot much needed especially there is lot of chance that I will get MS gen surgery in peripheral college in WB

This post can only be given a khalu … Dada