One doctor-one health organization

One doctor-one health organization ': Salary allowance from 1 lakh 66 thousand to 4 lakh 11 thousand. Facility to doctors.

A committee formed to make a procedure for implementation of a doctor / health worker-a health organization has prepared a procedure with a proposal of the doctor’s salary-allowance from 1 lakh 66 thousand to 4 lakh 11 thousand. The Ministry of Health and Population is the head of the Ministry of Policy, Planning and Monitoring Division. Draft Recommendation Committee, coordinated by Gunraj Lohani, has prepared a procedure with this proposal. It is mentioned that the allowance will be provided to the doctors from 200 to 3 percent based on the functionality of the proposed procedure. In the procedure, doctors were classified to four levels on the basis of 1 years of graduation from Medical Officer (MBBS), 4 to 6 years after graduation and more than 6 years of work by DM and postgraduate. Is it. The proposed Tabal Valley and Valley has been proposed differently. Medical Officer (MBBS) Salary 40 thousand 3 hundred 80 rupees in proposal, 43 thousand 5 hundred 80 rupees for working for 3 years after postgraduation, work from 4 to 6 years after graduation 47 thousand 3 hundred 80 rupees for the done and DM and after that period 50 thousand 6 hundred rupees has been fixed. Apart from this, the allowance of Medical Officer (MBBS) is 200 percent for not working at last, 250 percent for those who have worked from one to 3 years after graduation, 300 percent for DM and 6 It is proposed to provide 350 percent for those working above the year. Similarly, an additional 100 percent expertise allowance in the valley for postgraduates and 150 percent allowance available outside the valley. Similarly, the committee has proposed to provide 12.5 percent risk allowance and 100 percent teaching allowance to all doctors, the Minister of Health and Population Bhanubhakta Dhakal. MBBS doctors propose to get 1 lakh 66 thousand 5 hundred 67 hundred 67 rupees monthly in and out of the valley with all salary and allowance. Similarly, doctors who work for 7 to 7 years after graduating from 7 to 7 years got 7 lakh 7 thousand 7 hundred 7 rupees in the valley and 7 lakh 7 thousand 7 hundred 7 outside the valley The money has been offered.