One of the many promises made by a disloyal handsome man that were not fulfilled was the end of the protocol system

One of the many promises made by a disloyal handsome man that were not fulfilled was the end of the protocol system.

Our people tell corruption, terrorism or unemployment the root of the country’s problems, but the real root of the problems is this: rules are for the weak, while the powerful is the same law as his own! The protocol system can be seen naked dancing everywhere around us as the most obvious sign of this problem.

We (doctors) when we are pushed outside government offices, standing in front of officers or clerics rooms, we abuse the system and pay compulsory compensation. But they don’t think that our own institutions (hospital, medical) College) What a picture they are presenting!

If Pharaoh is in a jumbo pack or in a tiki pack, then he is a Pharaoh! The more space a sick mentality gets, the more it grows; the more space in a government office is available, that’s okay, but if this disease also spreads in our courtyard, what month will the royal officer complain about?

A few days ago in Jinnah Hospital (which is my second home) a watchman was forced to ask the identity of a doctor while doing his duty. The matter was small, it could have been finished there very comfortably. But What happened?

Among the small local Pharaohs who are also imposed on our institutions as a punishment, the Pharaoh wearing glasses imposed on Jinnah was put into the case. As a result, the unjust was not enough to beat a weak person, but when the one who beat him asked for justice. Dirty politics, doctors vs small staff, white coat respect etc. has been played.

After spending time at Allama Iqbal Medical College and Jinnah Hospital, I know very well that the people of this institution are not so easily found behind the light of the truck. So when there was no talk about these slogans and there was no means to suppress their mistakes. Employees who were asking for justice were accused of running a slaughterhouse and doing drug business! Without thinking that if a staff man is doing all this business, his buyers would be the people of the institution (majority of doctors)! That is, instead of admitting your mistake, called the whole institution a drug addict and a wicked one!!!

Several years ago when I came to Jinnah Hospital from Allied Hospital for training, I saw a Sharif-e-Pharoon dragging the same tik-pack into the room of a noble professor. A few days after coming to Jinnah hospital. A professor was scared and threatening him out of his eyes. I was absolutely disgusted with the YDA at the time after watching. That party that has such “leaders” will stand up for anyone’s rights! Today, if the organization of young doctors in general has a negative influence, then these are the same dirty eggs behind it, who have always arranged personal interests and individual works by taking the cover of the people and the organization. They sow in their own institutions, Wadera, Chaudhry and Babu Ban They have been enjoying our heads, their only purpose of staying connected to the organization was to be above the law. That is the same protocol system that we abuse in the Secretariat, these “Chikar Chaudhary” have maintained in our own institutions on our own Is for your own self!

As long as the leadership based on bullying, corruption, and lies continues from Asherbad of a few constituencies, there will be no respect for the organization nor the community. The Jinnah Hospital incident is a test case for the current young doctor leadership! Jinnah’s leadership and doctors’ decision has come against this new soldier. Now the entire Punjab’s doctor community must also start a campaign to throw away such dollars from their neck of the Chaudhryas. We have to prove that this. The organization is not like an illiterate crowd who decides what is right and wrong on merit based on its own group prejudices and weak and powerful. Allah has ordered in His Book,

"O you who have believed, stand up with all your strength to establish justice as a witness of Allah, whether it is (a matter of justice) against you or your parents or your relatives, whether it is a party of Ghani or a beggar, Allah is with you. Most of them are well-wishers. Therefore, do not refrain from justice in following your desires. And if you have spoken a clueless thing, or saved your side from the truth, know that Allah is aware of whatever you do.” (Surah Al-Nisa, verse 135)

If today we as an individual and an organization did not support the weak chowder by keeping aside the prejudice of our doctors for justice, then tomorrow when our professor and MS came under government pressure and also victimized our young doctors for legitimate demands Will, when local politicians will pressurise us on primary units to take fake MLC, anyhow we are exploited we will not be in a position to tell anyone that we are oppressed. Join us. Decide now That law of the jungle that is the house of the powerful you want it or you want a justice system and legitimate rights! If the sting of these snakes in your sleeves is not pulled out, you could be the one to get beaten in place of guard tomorrow, and there will be no one to save you or raise your voice.