One rule one nation ,why promoting reservations?

One rule one nation ,why promoting reservations??

No one’s here against any caste!

So,I’m Gonna go out on a limb and address the pretty obvious but controversial fact!

Don’t you guys think it’s a bit ridiculous to give reservation in the PG entrance exams too???

I mean common,after getting ur UG degree,every single med graduate becomes abled to earn and alleviate himself/herself from poverty!then why should it be continued?!only to get the ire from the unreserved lot of the society ? Cause let’s be honest,these politician don’t care about any caste,they only see us all as vote banks and nothing else!

And don’t even get me started on the majority of the people belonging to the reserved category, attaining the non-creamy layer certificate unlawfully!😌

Lets be honest,this caste reservation thing has only been increasing the divide in the society, created and maintained by these greedy politicians for their own selfish benefits!

Its so hard to believe reservations still exist…world is moving forward India is moving backward later someday will come in future where all backward will become forward due to reservations and general category will still be exploited 😡…we need equality not cast.