Otolith organs are concerned with function of?

Ques- 18 .Otolith organs are concerned with function of ?

  • A- Hearing
  • B- Rotatory nystagmus
  • C- ●Lenear Acceleration
  • D- Angular Acceleration

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IN VESTIBULAR SYSTEM - peripheral receptors are two types • Cristae- located in the ampullated ends of the three Semicircular canal . These receptors respond to Angular Acceleration and deceleration. • Maculae- located in otolith organ i.e Utricle and saccule. They sense position of head in response to gravity and Linear acceleration. Dr.Anil

Ques 19. Eustachian tube is opened if pressure difference is more than ?

  • A- 315mmHg
  • B- 30 mmHg
  • C- 50mmHg
  • D- 90 mmHg

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