Pakistan/Karachi. (Part 1)

Since I have never worked in any other part of Pakistan, let assume we are talking about Karachi. Generally the doctors who choose to stay in Pakistan have the following options:

  1. FCPS
  2. MCPS
  3. MS
  4. MD

I believe the most powerful degree that Pakistan offers is MBBS, you can START changing your life/future with this degree alone.After this FCPS is the most valuable degree and is usually the first choice of adventure for the doctors staying in Pakistan. FCPS is generally acceptable all over middle east, UK and in USA in the sense that you completed USMLE and you can have a fellowship and later get board certification if your bosses and institution is kind enough. In UK, you can become a registrar but never a consultant on FCPS alone. Some disciplines of FCPS do not require any exam for General Medical council registration. These include FCPS in Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Anesthesiology You do need to have IELTS with 7.5 band in all 4 modules.

For FCSP 1, you first appear in part 1 theory paper. Requirement includes 1 year house job in relevant department you are applying for. Fee is Rs.15050/-. The training is usually 4 years but if you want to do specialty the you can switch in the specialty of your choice 2 year. Completing 2 years is also the requirement for “Intermediate module”.

Now these were the things everyone knows. The things that you dont know or you may know but underestimate the gravity of them are the training institute and supervisors. I was lucky to be in KMDC as DMC and SMC although take the top merit but not so for their graduates. The consultants were all very kind in Abbasi Shaheed hospital and particularly in Surgery, these consultants actually cared about the learning of their residents. Surgical unit 2 (Prof.Tariq Mehmood) was actually the best general training unit in Karachi (Yes better than AKUH) when I was there. ASH overall good in the sense that the supervisors are not complexed, ill mannered psychos. Sub specialty training has also improved after new hiring in ASH.

AKUH follows a very good system but the hands on training is minimum but over all training is the best as the passing rate is the highest. Ziauddin University offer much lesser hands on and also the training structure is not that great but over all its a peaceful environment. Operating skills can be improved with time, it is more important to have academic excellence.

SMC/JPMC and DMC/CHK are so rotten. I did my house job in JPMC (3months ICU and 3 months medicine), this institution made me understand the term “RACISM”. Keeping in mind that JPMC is the biggest hospital of Pakistan and all appointments are under federal government and a Karachite is an alien there. Wards have labels of MQM, ANP, PPP and Punjabi association.
The consultants were so arrogant and rude, probably raised by illiterate step mothers. The level of anxiety was huge in residents and house officers of medicine and surgery in these two hospitals. Sub-specialties are relatively better. If you are in general surgery, you must have heard the name “Prof.Mumtaz Meher”. I have never come across such a racist prick (I have worked in 4 countries). He would never sign the supervisor form of the “neutral Urdu speaking doctor”. If you are a gangster than you can make him. The was a guy Dr.Farhan, he was selected on merit. He never signed his CPSP supervisor form and also made Farhan give his salary to a non-paid Sindhi trainee. Farhan left after one year an went to middle east.

I still remember that there was no toilet in the medicine ward 7 in JPMC and we had to go to other wards and to Kidney centre at night as the other wards would have locked or have their own doctors (not to mention, mostly females). Funny thing is that the in-charge of medicine ward 7 Prof.Mashoor Alam became the director of JPMC and he got his own ward renovated that included new flooring and paint but never repaired the toilet. ASS HOLE!!!. These bastards would also create problems for their trainees like not sending them on rotations and wasting their time particularly the ones who wanted to switch to other specialties.

It is extremely important that you identify your interest as soon as possible. Medicine is by far the most interesting subject but the course length is enormous. Choose wisely, its not worth going in general medicine as it would consume the best years of your life with minimum return. Opt for a specialty as it would be easier to get a job in Pakistan as well as abroad. Same goes for general surgery, opt for sub-specialty and keep your life easy.