Past plabbers and their efforts i have managed to pass my plab1

Thanks to great people like dr.khalidh, past plabbers and their efforts i have managed to pass my plab1 exam(march 15) with 159/200 (79.5%)
I had 3months time for my preparation started late in december.
With guidance from seniors and friends decided to give it my best and started by joining whatsapp groups dedicated to plab 1 preparation.
And all the whatsapp groups and its members were extremely helpful in clearing the silliest of doubts.

As for my study method - we solved qstns together on the whatsapp group
And shared our doubts and helped eachother . And even Khalid Saifullah patiently helped me out with my doubts on personal messages.

Study material - 1700 subjectwise (plabzilla) crosschecked with the latest 1700 by our dr.khalidh , plabable , samson notes were the base.
ohcm/ohcs / guidelines for reference when in doubt .

Plan of study - samson notes followed by subject wise qstns of the topic done and then plabable qstns of the same topic.
Once you have completed this , finish 1700 random order by dr.khalidh (make sure its the latest one)
Once u have done all this start with mocks (samsons 1st latest as possible then swamys if time permits then others)
Learn ecgs towards the end and also familiarize with common skin conditions n radiological imaging.
Do clinchers in last 20days to help improve ur concepts (some of them may have a few outdated ideas so kindly bare them in mind) . Try to finish the 1700 atleast 3 times (once subjectwise, once in random order and one final revision with correction updates)

Do atleast 5 timed mocks with a time limit of 2hrs 15mins.
This is because in actual exams the questions are very lengthy and may take longer .
In my personal experience i solved mocks in 2hrs while i managed to finish actual exam in 2hrs 50min with 10mins for checking and doubts.

Final tips from my experience -
1.dont solve mocks before completing your portions.
2.dont be discouraged by the mock scores they are merely tools of self assesment. You can improve from ur mistakes
3. Dont trust all the mock keys , do ur own research and consult these forums when in doubt.
4. Do your own research whenever possible esp in ambiguos qstn.
5. Dont waste too much time on these ambiguos qstn. As most of these are due to lack of details in recalls.

6.when you read any material concepts are far more important than your answers so try to undestand and read them. and try answering the qstns you read before you peek at answers.

  1. Finally dont spend more than a minute on each qstn in the exam , mark an answer move on and come back after completing your paper. Completing your paper is more important .

This was my method of study , find what works for you best and follow that and i am certain you will all do greatly.

all the best guys :slight_smile: — feeling blessed.