Pathetic condition of TN state counselling results

Pathetic condition of TN state counselling results

For example MDRD

Govt seats total-31


Non service-5

And the most unfortunate thing


Is this Equality?

Those PPL who don’t accept this post kindly be silent,it’s just a rant of a UR candidate with good marks yet not able to take a seat in TN state counselling.

And for those boasting that you served the state, I accept that you are eligible for the 50% quota but it should be stopped within the 50% Quota,Those 30% incentive marks you obtain and filling the open seats even before service seats is not acceptable.

Not all of us have the freedom to just sit at home and prepare,we also go to some pvt jobs for just 25-30K per month and prepare during our free time,So kindly don’t argue with that as a thing!

Even during PG residency you’ll get your salary

And even after you finish your PG course you have a job waiting for you unlike us.

So stop playing the victim card

Medical fraternity will always be divided because of these things!

Mark my words–ur(UR) going to be a better better doctor in the future than these reservation begging service people…don’t feel bad about shit politics…God bless you.

If you belong to UR don’t apply TN counseling.

It saves money and heart break.