Pathognomonic sign of traumatic fracture is -

Pathognomonic sign of traumatic fracture is -

  1. Redness

  2. Swelling

  3. Crepitus

  4. Tenderness


  • This question is slightly different from previous one. Here the examiner is asking about pathognomonic feature (not most consistent feature) both are different :

  • Most consistent feature is the one which is always present in a fracture

  1. Pathognomonic feature is the one whose presence is diagnostic of a fracture
  • Abnormal mobility at fracture site and crepitus are two pathognomonic features of a fracture :-
  1. Abnormal mobility is the most pathognomonic sign of a fracture :-
    “Abnormal mobility in the limb at the fracture site is diagnostic of a fracture”. ____ Essentials of orthopedics surgery

“Abnormal mobility in fracture of a bone is characteristic or pathognomonic”.___ British medical journal

“Abnormal mobility between the fracture fragments is a sure sign of fracture”. ____ Ebnezar

  2. Crepitus is the second most pathognomonic sign of a fracture (after abnormal mobility)  *:-"Crepitus can be considered as pathognomonic as   abnormal mobility for a fracture". —*  Emergency medicine

“Crepitus is common and essentially a reliable sign of a fracture”. ____ Orthonet

“Crepitus with abnormal mobility is pathognomonic of a fracture”. ____ Miller