Patial discoloration of nails both hands.. since 3yrs

Patial discoloration of nails both hands… since 3yrs

Try terbenafine 250 mg and fluconazole 200 mg once a week and see if there is any proximal clearance. Would need to take for 3 months. Low dose like this works and has minimal toxicity. This may be a mixed fungal and bacterial infection. Mycoculture would be important if can be done. Polymerase chain reaction (Pcr) is a new method to identify organisms but not readily available. Apply dilute bleach 1:4 via eye dropper tid under nails and to thicker nails directly . Avoid cleaning under nails as this will perpetuate the problem .

Green nail syndrome

Toenail involvement? If just one foot is involved then definitely consider terbenafine