Patient feedback via email to my PA

Patient feedback via email to my PA. This patient suffered from painful bunions and needed bunion corrective surgery. I’m very pleased to hear she is doing well. **

Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Good evening Karen

I would just like to say thank you to Mr Shariff for my amazing surgery, a week and a half and already the difference is obvious. I was a bit apprehensive before the surgery after having way too many people tell me how bad it would be - they couldn’t have been more wrong. I was up and around very quickly and have adapted to my special shoe really well. The team at the Spire could not have given me any better treatment from the ward clerk who welcomed me, the nurses who prepped me, the anaesthetists and Mr Shariff himself.

Since the surgery I have been contacted twice by the nurses to make sure I was ok and I have been up twice for a dressing change and to have my stitches removed and everyone has been lovely. I look forward to the X-ray to see the real results but I have attached a before and after photo for you (the after shot was a week after surgery when they removed the bandages).

Thank you once again for all your help and I’m looking forward to getting back into those dancing shoes soon.

Anything else you need let me know