PDA true is all except?

PDA true is all except ?
a) More common in preterm baby
b) Left to right shunt
c) Acyanotic congenital heart disease
d) More common in term baby
Correct Answer - D
Ans. is 'd i.e., More common in term baby
During fetal life, most of the pulmonary arterial blood is shunted
through the ductus arteriosus into the aorta .
Functional closure of the ductus normally occurs soon after birth, but
if the ductus remains patent when pulmonary vascular resistance
falls, aortic blood is shunted into the pulmonary artery.
The aortic end of the ductus is just distal to the origin of the left
subclavian artery, and the ductus enters the pulmonary artery at its
Female patients with PDA outnumber males 2 : 1.
PDA is also associated with maternal rubella infection during early
It is a common problem in premature infants, where it can cause
severe hemodynamic derangements and several major sequelae