Perfect example of "A degree doesn't define your manners."

Perfect example of “A degree doesn’t define your manners.”

And manners maketh man.

Look at him address a doctor. And he can write “any exam any time?”

What a sad creature.

He is the author of the book

“ your doctor is cheating”

When FMGE’s wer stuck in ukraine he said “ they went for their own benefit. If they die dont blame govt”

A constant controversy man , saffron flag bearer,

Waiting to get MP/ MLA ticket from saffron party.

Abusing doctors have become a trend in our country! People take pride in that and they feel happy when a doctor is mistreated! This mentality of people needs to change. They can spend thousands on alcohol but when coming to a doctor they all need discounts or end up saying “doctors toh lootne ko baithe hai” seriously sick of this behaviour!