Persistent priapism is due to

Persistent priapism is due to
a) Sickle cell anaemia
b) Hairy cell leukaemia
c) Paraphimosis
d) Urethral stenosis
Correct Answer - A
Ans. is ‘a’ i.e., Sickle cell anemia
Priapism is defined as erection lasting for > 4 hours.
Low-flow priapism may be due to any of the following:
An excessive release of neurotransmitters
Blockage of draining venules (eg, mechanical interference in sickle
cell crisis, leukemia, or excessive use of intravenous parenteral
Paralysis of the intrinsic detumescence mechanism
Prolonged relaxation of the intracavernous smooth muscles (most
often caused by the use of exogenous smooth-muscle relaxants
such as injectable intra-cavernosal prostaglandin E I)
Prolonged low-flow priapism leads to a painful ischemic state, which
can cause fibrosis of the corporeal smooth muscle and cavernosal
artery thrombosis. The degree of ischemia is a function of the
number of emissary veins involved and the duration of occlusion