PLAB is like USMLE?

PLAB is like USMLE?
No, in plab you don’t study preclinical subjects, it has only 2 parts. Much easier than
How do I apply for registration?
UK general medical council governs all the doctors in UK. In order to work in UK you must
be registered and hold a license to practice.
Once you passed PLAB 2 , you can apply for registration as soon as.
You can apply for Provisional registration , if you have not done internship somewhere else.
If you have done your internship which satisfy GMC criteria, you may apply for full
When you apply online, you need to pay a fee and you would be able to have list all your
qualification and work history since you graduated without missing a single day.
You are allowed to put unemployed if you have gap years but you should not leave blank.
Once you submitted your online application, GMC will reply you with some questions about
your applications and required documents . Also will send you a reference form where you
need to get signed by your previous employers.
The question can be answered via email, but you need to get signed the reference form and
then scan it and send to GMC via e mail.
In the reference form GMC requires your employer work email, you cant use yahoo or
hotmail or gmail ID. GMC also will mail them to verify the reference.
Once the GMC is happy about your answers, scanned reference form and got e mail
confirmation from your employer, happy about your degree documents, GMC will call or
mail you to make an appointment with GMC office ( can be LONDON )
You are expected to take all the original documents and original reference form to the GMC
on the appointment day. Once they verified your original documents, on the sameday, they
will give you registration certificate with license to practice.
you will need to give us a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) from each of the medical
regulatory authorities that you have listed.
This may be known as a certificate of past good standing if you are no longer registered
with that authority.
Certificates of Good Standing can take some time to arrive, please make sure you have
all CGS before you apply