Please guide about MS Surgery at following colleges in Maharashtra

Good afternoon all seniors

Please guide about MS Surgery at following colleges in Maharashtra

JJ mumbai

Sion Mumbai

Tnmc mumbai

Cooper hospital Mumbai

BJ MC Pune

GMC Nagaur

IGGMC Nagpur

GMC Aurangabad

Thank You So Much

Sion=tnmc=bjmc pune>JJ

Don’t know departments personally but that’s the general trend

If you prefer livin’ in Nagpur (many Don’t) gmc nagpur is good too, Don’t know much about a’bad

An Sal is there any language issue in Nagpur if i know hindi and english

language issue in Mumbai is the least,then Pune,sorry I have never lived in Nagpur, probably it’d be worse than Pune I guess

But I learnt basic marathi in 6 months or so,even before my internship started

but trust me,if you choose bjmc,I’m quite sure you won’t be missing out on much,infact it’s one of the best institutes in Maharashtra for sure,pune is a huge district and bjmc is like the sole burden bearer,ycm in Pimpri and AFMC obviously take the load too but not when compared to bjmc

I would always always prefer staying in Pune compared to Mumbai,but many like mumbai too because of the perks it offers

No issue,just to be clear,you do understand that surgery in bjmc will be hectic right? 😅

JJ is most chill in Maharashtra as far as I know,so if that’s the priority,rest all are hectic but especially kem and bjmc

From a friend doing surgery in Sion

He says

KEM >Grant>Sion >Nair > BJ PUNE >GMC Nagpur > IGMC