Please Help! Major turnback in NBME18 ( 1 month away from step1

Please Help! Major turnback in NBME18 ( 1 month away from step1) :frowning:

Hello, trying desperate to figure out what happened.

Short background


Done w/ BnB, PAthoma, Sketchy Micro, FA (2x)

USMLE Rx: done 50% (not doing it anymore)

UW: 1st pass (65%) (finished 1 month ago) + incorrect and marked ones (finished 6 days ago)

UW: 2nd pass ( 87%) (still doing it >400 q’s in)

Amboss: 1st pass (62%) (percentile 70) ( >800 q’s) (all levels of difficulty)

Previous scores (all timed)

NBME 20: 210 (2 months ago)

NBME 21: 225 (1 month ago)

NBME 23: 221 ( 10 days ago)

NBME 18: 205 (today) (01/22/2020)

Each time NBMEs fell a bit easier than before but dont know if it is the phrasing of the q’s or me just messing up.

Totally depressed seeing that drop in NBME 18 (Been doing 160 q’s daily (2 blocks from UW and 2 from Amboss plus the respective review of each block that takes 1 hour) total of 8-10 hours daily)

Was planning on booking the date for the exam today but after that score just wanna shot myself haha Seriously dont know what to do! (trying not to freak out)

Still got left NBME 22, 24 and UW SA

Please any advice will be extremely helpful!!!

Goal = >230

it is possible?? what should i change??

Thank you very much!