Please read if your any sort of bone doctor!

please read if your any sort of bone doctor!!! I’m just curious but, are there any ankle/ athletic/foot doctors in this group? I’ve got a bad ankle from a bad sprain from three years ago so it’s a chronic injury now. Here’s what it does. I will do my best to explain. First it POPS not your quiet like knuckle crack but like a crack that sounds like bones snapping. And they are VERY painful. It cracks just about every step, if I’m laying down and move it to get up or just move my ankle at all. Some pops are smaller and don’t hurt as bad but the BIG ones HURT so bad, it’s a sharp snapping pain that shoots up my leg. It then will cause my ankle to ACHE and just been in an aching sharp pain, especially from standing or walking for…not even that long. The large pops seems to be getting more frequent. I have been to the doctor, who sent me to an orthopedic, I was put in a very supportive brace, had X rays, which came back pretty clean, and off of any activities, I’m a very athletic and active person and love to run! 2-3 weeks of the brace and physical therapy. Neither did anything. ALLLLL therapy did was improve the flexibility of my ankle which I’m sure went back down by now. But my therapist sent me BACK to the orthopedic. I was then put in a big boot that came just below my knee. Could hardly move my ankle at all but it would still pop a few times in the brace and they would hurt very bad. 2 weeks later I go back to the orthopedic and am scheduled for an MRI and to see a foot surgeon after the MRI. Keep in mind nobody has any clue on what could be wrong, just all guesses. So another 2 weeks in the boot until the MRI. So I go and take the MRI then a week later is time for the visit with the surgeon. Very excited even after all the other fails because well…it’s a foot surgeon, surely I have hit the gold mine here. I go tell him everything and he has me walk down the hall to show him the popping. Older guy to so he’s been there quite a while. And he is Absolutely amazed by my ankle and what it does. Shows me to his fellow workers asking if they have any clue, a few take a second to check my ankle out and are stumped as well and I’m just sitting there like…great me too. So he looks at my MRI and says the only thing he can see wrong is that my bones are really inflamed. Ok. Now what? Next he tells me that the popping is probably nothing and shouldn worry to much about it. Me and my mom just looked at him and told him that was a big source of the pain. So 2 more weeks of the boot and the suggestion of a cast. I’m pretty tired at this point. Nothing or nobody is working… my mom is paying for guesses and I don’t want to make my parents keep paying for guesses. My dad has suggested a athletic type of doctors that specializes in ankles. So if there is any type of that doctor on here that can maybe help I’m all ears.