Please suggest which one should I buy Samsung tab s8 or ipad air 4?

Please suggest which one should I buy Samsung tab s8 or ipad air 4 ? will use mainly for studying.

IPad Air 4 Aspect ratio is 4:3 which is almost same as the aspect ratio of medical books… iPad is meant for studying & productivity whereas samsung tabs r for entertainment(Samsung used to make its Tab S tablets in the more work-oriented 4:3 aspect ratio, too, but they abandoned that a few years ago) Hope u got why iPads r meant for studying

U won’t get hardcopy reading feel with samsung tabs

If u have iPhone buy an ipad or future plan of buying an iPhone go for ipad. If you want apple pencil that’s separate 10k keep in mind. In short if you want to and can spend more than ipad. Otherwise tab s8 or for same price you may get last year’s s7+ samloed display with including pen and in future will be more compatible with Android and windows.

iPads. Even a generation old iPad is better than Samsung. The number of study and notes related apps you get here is incredible


Wait for Apple’s March event

iPad Air 5 is likely to get launched

iPad Air 4’s price will drop

Then decide accordingly

Buy ipad…my 9 year old ipad mini is still buttersmooth and hav good battery lifelong of 10 percent per hour…approx 10 hrs i can use it…