Please what is d cure to ulcer

Please what is d cure to ulcer

Omeprazole, cimetidine nd polygel

Food avoid food with alot of acid and chemical
Alcohol soda bitter vegetable

use tripple therapy,ulsakit or elicorid

Stop cigarette smoking, alcohol, no eating if the following: chillies,spicy foods,fatty foods, citrus foods and take your meals at least 3 hours before you sleep. Don’t be in an empty stomach and don’t eat too much also. Just take small frequent meals and you’ll be better than ever. I went through that and I can join anyone on the dinner table to eat what I wish to eat

Zwangendawa. Use a drop of zwsngendawa, put it in a cup of water, drink it in the morning with an empty stomach, Waite for an hour b4 taking any food. Drink once a week and in small amount because it is very dangerous.

Avoid eating too much salt, cooking n be taking cold milk