Plss what medicine should I used for heart burn

Plss what medicine should I used for heart burn.I hv used many but it does not work to me and am pregnant woman

The best see doctor to investigate your problem.

Good days to every one…on my observation i found out that many of here are prescribing different kind of drug, injection to who claim to be ill
as a good and professional doctors,or medical,health practioner we are not to do such thing especially on social obvious that we are doing that,we all know that it against medical oath and code of conduct swearing by doctors,nurses and many health practioner to jeopardize the life of our patient.these is human life we are talking about not goat or cow,even those animal are living thing they carry out every and single metabolism and feature we human unffortunate that this is happening and it should any patient that is ill or have health problem of other should visit any hospital even, you are not allowed to go any drug pharmacy to complain…please i urge every one to put an end to this unlawful act…thank you