Pneumopericardium is the collection of air

is the collection of air or gas in the pericardial sac.
#causes include
*blunt or penetrating chest injury
*pyopneumopericuim due to infection of fluids in the peric.sac
*perforating benign or malig.ulcers with fistulae.
*fb aspiration
amoebic abcess of liver
diatrogenic procedure like thoracic surgery,sternal bm.puncture thoraco or pericardiocentesis &
resp.distress synd in neonates.
is done fron history, clinical exam.findings
cxr pa veiw& left sided down decubitous veiw,ct scaning
endoscopic&contrast exam.when ulcer or fistula is suspe ted.
*anginap,myoc.inf.,aortic dissection,pericarditis,pneumonitis.,pneumothorax&pulm.embolisim.