Poliomyelitis ( Polio = Grey Myelitis = Marrow inflammation )

Poliomyelitis ( Polio = Grey Myelitis = Marrow inflammation )
General information:
Polio , one of the oldest human disease known so far which invades nervous system and can cause paralysis within hours .
Transmission : Faceo- oral route (Max cases)
Symptoms : Fever ,Fatigue , Headache , Vomiting, Stiffness of neck and pain in the limb .
Age at risk : Children under 5 years of age
No cure available it can only be prevented .
Status in Nepal :
The South East Asia Region countries were declared polio -free by the WHO Regional Certification Commission for Polio Eradication (RCCPE) on 27 March 2014 in Delhi, India. The Ministry of Health and Population announced Nepal Polio Free in an official ceremony on 7th May 2014 in Pokhara.But after 31 year of campaign costing 15 billion dollar to aim rid of polio cases world-wide there are still some case prevalent and unless every last case is removed ,there will be always a chance that infection will come back .Last case of polio was detected in Nepal in 2001 in Rautahat district. We may face cases coming from the border area of India and Nepal .Acting on the recommendation made by WHO, the government has started administering fractional dose of polio vaccine to children. Earlier, the government introduced one dose of IPV into routine immunisation schedule in the 14th week which consists 0.5 ml dose. Now, every infant must be given 0.1 ml dose of IPV in the sixth week and 14th week, and they have to be given oral polio vaccine three times.
Prevention :

  1. Insure child with vaccine
    2)Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
    3)Use a toilet
    4)Consume food that is fully cooked
    5)Drink safe water
    -Bimarsh Acharya (DSN)
    (Ref :WHO ,Nepal and Himalayan Times)