Pooja scored 267 on her USMLE Step 1 Exam

Dr. Pooja Patel
Gujarat, India
Preparation time: 15 months
Materials used:
Kaplan Lecture Notes and Videos except Pathology
First Aid USMLE Step 1
HY Gross Anatomy
HY Behavioural Science
Kaplan Medical USMLE Medical Ethics: The 100 Cases You are Most Likely to See on the Test
Fundamentals of Pathology – Pathoma
Goljan Images
WebPath for Images
Heart sounds app on android
ECG (only topics related to USMLE)
I started out with Kaplan and also did UWorld offline with it. This lasted around 4-5 months. After
this i started doing UWorld offline with Pathoma and First Aid. Then in the interim period i started
doing offline NBME from NBME 1 onwards… I soon found out that my Behavioural science was
very weak… so i did HY Behavioural and the 100 cases book. This was helpful in improving my
offline NBME scores. I was doing these NBME along with understanding every question and also
understanding the incorrect options along with the correct ones. I had heard that Anatomy was
very tough in USMLE and hence i also did HY Gross Anatomy. This was helpful in doing the ropics
which i was weak in MBBS years. Actually in india anatomy is very heavy subject of first MBBS… so i
was quite good at it…though some things weren’t so solid…those got solid after doing HY Gross
I also was afraid of multimedia on the test and hence i did: Goljan Images, WebPath for Images,
Heart sounds app on android, ECG (only topics related to USMLE). These helped me a lot on the
test as i had ECGs and Heart sounds and also abunch of questions with MRI and CT Scan and
histopathology and gross pathology images.
Overall the exam is doable but i recommend you do Behavioural science well…my study partner
did almost same stuff as me except the 2 behavioural science things and he scored 11 points
lower than me. Actually his online NBME score used to be more than mine but his Behavioural
was very very low in the exam score card. So i recommend special attention on Behavioural
Best of luck !!