Post for general cat students who are from middle class / upper middle classfamily

Post for general cat students who are from middle class / upper middle classfamily


  2. so now you will question me asking “with new system we wont get what we wants”

Across India there has been a boom in ROYAL COLLEGE courses

And they have it in

Surgery ( Mrcs), OG ( mrcog), Mrcem ( emergency), Peads ( mrcpch) and radio ( frcr)

Idk excat fees. But total fee varies from 10-60L depends on hospital.

They have it across India in almost all cities these days

They do pay stipend too i reckon ( not as good as md ms dnb stipend)

  1. now are these mci recogonised?

Yes you can add these degrees to your name and additional qualifications

Can you do superspeciality in India? NOPE. Only MD/MS/DNB can do it India

Can we work in UK? Well you can enter St4 training directly, do till ST8, clear CCT and then become consultant. ( no needto clear PLAB)

Can we work in India? Yes you can. Any corporate will prefer a royal college degree holder above MD- MS- DNB

  1. how tough is exam? Way tougher than your MD-MS exams. But not impossible

The mental stress is way less compared to neetpg prep. And i guess effort will be equal to effort you needto put for a 10k rank in current neetpg scene.

  1. you can work in middle east easily.

And earn 3x more salary than a super specialist earns here. Am a CTVS surgeon , have mrcs too. But i practise in India

My fellows who are MRCS graduates ( not super specialist) earn 3 times more than me in middle east ( starting salary).

  1. 100+ countries accept these degrees.Except US- canada i think all major countries do accept these degrees

Do not waste your valuable youth with drop years/ spending way too money by bringing economic burden on yourself/ or on parents.

(I am not a councilor/ Agent. So idk much about these admisson process of above mentioned courses. Kindly google. )

You don’t have to do a course to clear MRCS

You can prepare, and pass it by giving an exam

I agree but i would say there is no need to join these courses in India if you are fresh graduate u can go for plab or usmle. Thy need good amount of preparation but you can work too to bear out your expenses. If you have prepared already for neet n dropped couple of times i would suggest you go for MRCP while working in medicine. Both ways in a year or two you will b able to go ahead

Lastly once you are into system in these places you will be owned by system and you will get qualification which is preferred worldwide