Post MS minimum 60k

What is the minimum and maximum earning of a general surgeon??

Are female surgeons less preferred than male surgeons by patients…what difficulties do female surgeons face compared to male surgeons… personally i like surgery but most ppl advice its difficult for a female… please throw some light on this .TIA

Post MS minimum 60k

If salaried

Practice depends on a lot of factors

Maximum has no limit if you persist. however, it will come only at 45 or 50

There are plenty of remarkably skilled female surgeons in the market doing well

It is tough for a female surgeon just like how it is tough for a female in general

Patriarchal society and in addition a male dominated field makes it tough

Patients as such do not have a bias

You’ll face it from fellow colleagues

There’s only so much effort a person can put

And both a surgical career and a family demand equal amount of effort

So if you are genuinely passionate , are in it for the long run

Have a good financial cushion

Then go for it ! You’ll do well

You can subspecialise in breast or something to negate the bias if any

with all due respect…i mumbai a.mbbs earns 70-80k salary…the. What is the use of pg if the salary

and as far i know Sr did not a single job, 2 job. My junior’s brother in law’s brother doing pediatric Sr in Kolkata

Doing 2 job one is Sr in Govt medical and private job