Posterior scleritis occurs in approximately how many percents of cases?

Posterior scleritis occurs in approximately how many percent of cases ?
a) 10 percent
b) 20 percent
c) 30 percent
d) 40 percent

PIN index system is a safety measure adopted in anaesthesia machines to prevent:
a) Incorrect attachment of anaesthesia machines.
b) Incorrect attachment of anaesthesia face masks.
c) Incorrect inhalation agent delivery.
d) Incorrect gas cylinder attachment.

The risk for avascular necrosis of the hip following stabilization of femur fractures with ipsilateral femoral neck and shaft fractures is :
a) 25 %
b) 40 %
c) 10 %
d) < 5 %

True statements about cri-duchat syndrome include which of the following
a) It is an example of aneuploidy
b) Cardiovascular anomalies are common
c) Mental retardation is rare
d) It involves a deletion of part of chromosome 5
e) It arises as a result of non-dysjunction

Which of the following techniques (invasive) can be used for accurate measurement of new bone formation
a) DEXA scanning
b) Tetracycline deposition technique
c) Bone biopsy
d) SPECT scan

A patient has a mid systolic click f/b a short late systolic murmur at the apex. The murmur disappears on swatting. The patient is probably suffering from
a) Aortic stenosis
b) Aortic regurgitation
c) Mitral regurgitation
d) Mitral valve prolapse

Open book appearance is seen in which of the following :
a) Spinal injury
b) Pelvic girdle injury
c) Shoulder girdle injury
d) Hand injury

All of the following form a part of diagnostic criteria of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus except :
a) Gottrons papules
b) Oral ulcers
c) Photosensitivity
d) Proteinuria> 0.5 g/day or urinary casts

All of the following toxins activate adenylae cyclase via ADP ribosylation, except
a) Pertusis toxin
b) Anthrax edema factor toxin
c) Vibrio cholerae toxin
d) ETEC heat labile toxin

Mass Drug Administration on a single day is a strategy used in control of
a) Lymphatic filariasis
b) Malaria
c) Trachoma
d) Night blindness

In genomic imprinting, DNA is modified by:
a) Acetylation
b) Methylation
c) Phosphorylation
d) Deamination

Treatment with INH leads to deficiency of ?
d)Pantothenic acid

Most important but nonspecific regulator of iron metabolism is:

Drug of choice for central diabetes insipidus is?
a) Leuperolide
b) Thiazide diuretics
c) Desmopressin
d) Insulin

The aminoglycoside that can be used in amoebiasis is :