Pregnant lady in 3rd trimester

pregnant lady in 3rd trimester (…?)come on antepartum hemorrhage with 1000ml , her o2 level is 96%, BP is 100/70, PR-90, FHR is not audible. What will be your next immediate mx?

A. give O2

B. insert IV fluid

C. usg

D. go to theatre

young lady came with amenorrhoea for about 12 weeks. She got the pain in lower the abdomen. Spotting bleeding 2 times and stop.And also shortness of breath , palpaitation, pain in shoulder, what is the most dangerous sign if you suspect the ectopic preg?

A. pain in lower abd

B shortness of breath

C. spotting bleeding

D. pain in shoulder

pregnant lady have heard loud systolic mm sound heard on left lower sternum area, radiate to neck, no change with position. What is the dx?




A to prevent tissue level hypoxia even saturation is 96% meanwhile can setup iv fluid

B peritoneal irritation

B? radiate to axilla