Preparation of diagnostic kit in corona virus, Pakistan

Preparation of diagnostic kit in corona virus, Pakistan

The National Institute of wạỷrlwjy̰ of the university of Karachi is the National Institute of the republic of Pakistan in the district of jwmlḵ, in the district of jwmlḵ. This cut is being prepared by the support of Chinese scientists, making an important progress in the preparation of the ạwrڈạỷgnwsٹḵ kit. The relevant scientists have received the “Pwzy̰ٹy̰wwḵnٹrwl” of corona virus in the first stage, the university of Karachi, the university of Karachi, has confirmed the preparation of special messages kit from ‘Express’.

The Pakistani scientist Dr. Muhammad Ammar Athar told the “Express” that we have decided to prepare for the kit of the covid-19’s cut-off. The Target is that we can also reduce the low-level assessment of the body in the body of the early diagnostic kit, while the dwsrạbڑạہdf is a low-price cut in comparison to the imported cut and the case of the case in the cut.
ڈẠḵٹrmḥmd ʿMạrạṭہrnے claimed that the preparation of the kit will be completed in one and a half months. A question of “Express” told that the National Institute of wạỷrlwjy̰ has received the jain compared plasmit of the corona virus from Chinese scientists. Parvaim has been matched by this compared plasmid ḵwڈy̰zạỷn primer, designed, it was successful in this jain ḵwpḵڑnے of the primer virus. We have received the “Pwzy̰ٹy̰wwḵnٹrwl” of this corona virus, primer we have, from powder. I have changed. This is a process to protect any biological content.

The doctor says that the basic target for the preparation of cut is early detection. Preparation of a kit that can also evaluate the low viral load. In scientific language, the human body is called the copy of the virus. The Bẓạہrjwḵٹs have reached Pakistan. 300 More than 50 dady or viral load diagnosis is the ability to diagnose while our target is the diagnosis of 50’s 50 viral load. There is a huge target, now we try to try the low limit of diagnostics.

They said that viral is a multi-drink, but it is a matter of a viral multi-layer that was used before the viral multiplex. The doctor had to say that the ḵy̰ny̰ڈạsے are being imported to chemicals in this regard. It is possible that the next week we will receive a question The Mzy̰dbtạy̰ạḵہ is being imported from China’s ạwrdy̰grmmạlḵ. Some of it are 20 while some have the ability to test up to 48 case, however we try to test it for more than 300 sample. In preparation for cut, 3 TO 3 lakh rupees can cost, real time is being completed for the preparation of kit.

The question of the budget, the puranas said that ڈạḵٹrạqbạl chaudhry has assured the complete cooperation regarding the relevant scientists in this regard. After the preparation of this kit, a test will be held from Rs. 300 to 500 rupees. While the management of a government and private hospital in karachi has been contacted, because I have been a part of some positive cases of the corona virus in regard to the preparation of the cut, while the relevant both hospitals supported us for the preparation of this cut. It is a sign that it is decided that the preparation for the cut will be required for the test test. Due to medical sensitivity, they will be experienced in relevant hospital instead of transport them.

It is obvious that the patient test results in the corona virus kit that were imported from abroad to Pakistan, despite the symptoms of the patient’s test. It is reported that the kits are not low-limit or early ruler. The less of the virus in the ạwrạnsạny̰ body. Positive doesn’t come.