Preparation query

Preparation query

I’m a post intern preparing for Neetpg2021

I could finish the first read till now and just have 2 months in hand

I try my best to make ends meet but keep doubting myself

But really want to ask an absurd (may sound to some)

Is it ever possible to get a under 5k rank with 2 months of preparation? Is there any senior who has done it or knows someone can they please tel what did they do to make this happen.

Would be thankful

  • Lets motivate ourselves

Neetpg 21,

Starts with everyone 0 score, ok?

Now its a battle of calmness, read each questions properly, avoid silly mistakes. Apply what you know.

You can easily come under 10k rest is your effort

Preparation started from the first day you join college… Dont underestimate yourself… since you have already pass mbbs… just dont think about results and do whats best for you… we are all in this together …all the best