Prions are best killed by

Prions are best killed by
a) Autoclaving at 134°C
b) 5% formaline
c) Sodium hypochloride
d) None of these
Correct Answer - A
Ans. is ‘A’ i.e., Autoclaving at 134°C
Incineration is the only way of disinfecting prion-contaminated
materials or tissues.
Boiling or irradiation does not affect and even routine autoclaving (at
121°C) is not reliable. Therefore, where there is a risk of exposure,
surgeons use disposable instruments.
To sterilize reusable instruments, WHO currently recommends
combined use of a strong solution of sodium hydroxide and
extended autoclaving at 134°C.
“Autoclaving at 134°C for 5 hrs or treatment with 2N NaOH for
several hours is recommended for sterilization of prions”.
since Sodium hydroxide option not available, correct answer is A