Problems that appear during pregnancy

Problems that appear during pregnancy

Pregnant women ḵwdwrạn pregnancy has to face many problems. FOR THE WHOLE 9 months, there are two four living with no suffering. It is not necessary that it is with every woman but if you are pregnant, it is necessary for you to know this. What problems do you have during pregnancy?
The common symptoms of pregnancy are all the time to feel tired, to be cheap in the morning and to be more hungry. But there are also many symptoms that are in the body because of pregnancy and it is necessary for you to deal with them. There is no need to be upset if there are such symptoms in your body. Every woman has its own mood, because of this, their symptoms can also be different from each other. It is not necessary that the one who is with you He will be with someone else.

Here we are mentioning the same symptoms which may also appear in your body.

Extreme pain in py̰lws (belly)
Some times you can get pain in the py̰lws. This pain is so intense that it’s hard to stand straight for you. Usually this pain happens in the last days of pregnancy. It’s a sad time when children The weight of the weight is pushing down. But it doesn’t need to be upset or to go to the doctor.

Don’t stop the urine
Pregnant Women are usually having this problem. Some times laughing, even while walking, it’s hard to stop urine. This is the reason why the child is getting the full power of the child in the uterus. It is very normal that there is no need to worry about. But it will help strengthen these problems through the py̰lwḵ floor or kigel ạy̰ḵsrsạỷz. This is how the problem can be easily solved.

Wy̰jạỷnl discharge
Some women are complaining about a lot of discharge in pregnancy and in the last days. This is the reason for the changes in the body. When you are pregnant, the cw in your body start to be scattered because of the srwḵs. And the risk of infection is born in wy̰jạỷnہ. This discharge is to protect the body from infection.

Fart exit
Often pregnant women have to face embarrassing. During pregnancy, your body exclude ry̰ly̰ḵsn and prwgy̰sٹrwn cw. These CW give peace to the gastrointestinal problems, which makes the process slow and the stomach becomes a gas. . Light exercise and walk can get you rid of this problem.

One of the signs of pregnancy can be a symbol of ;. Often pregnant women don’t sleep overnight. The reason is the change in the cw and the problem also ends after the delivery. But during the time of pregnancy, peace. Be forgiving and take a deep breath. Before Sleeping, a bath with warm water will help you sleep even better than meditation.

Being itching in the body
The itching in the body of pregnancy is sometimes very painful. This itching is very severe, as a result of the itching on the body, sometimes there is pain in it and sometimes this pain lasts after delivery, then slowly. It’s over. For this you can write any bandages from your doctor. Besides this, you can also put food soda and coconut oil in the place of itching. This will also make you relax.