PROPHYLACTIC platelet Transfusion

  1. PROPHYLACTIC platelet Transfusion is Warranted when count is Less than 10k. Here it’s 14k With one ep of mucosal bleeding which resolved SPONTANEOUSLY (means NO ACTIVE BLEEDING present at the moment) so we can hold platelets.

  2. Nowhere it is mentioned that patient is in shock or Hct values are increasing indicating EVIDENT plasma leakage: so ideally we should first Start this patient ONLY on ORAL fluids (ORS) and if Patient Is unable to tolerate IvF or having persistent Vomiting or having Signs of EVIDENT plasma leakage Or Inadequate Urine output: then we start IvF but till then we prefer Oral Fluids as we Have to prevent both state of Circulatory Overload and of shock

  3. As platelet is significantly Low and there’s one ep of Epistaxis and patient is in Danger Time of disease so we Should admit the patient and keep Under Strict Observation