Pros and Cons of ANESTHESIA

Pros and Cons of

Pros early settelment
Chilled life
Cons limited money

Cons is only one thing and that is guilt!!!

Rajesh Koothrapali isn’t your dad a famous obgn in Delhi?
So another Pro is you can work at your dad’s set up( both as the next owner and an anaesthesist)…
Think about it…

No idea of going back to india bro settling with wife ANU in states

Do we easily get job in private as md anesthetist…?? Not as icu incentivist…because what i have observed working in private practice that most of surgeon have their specified anesthetist already…they like to work only with them…as if anything wrong goes with patient wholesole responsibility comes to surgeon …not legally but as professionly…

You can earn handsome if you keep your ties with a good surgeons.
You can practice on general opd based on your mbbs degree and knowledge of anaesthesia and general med.Many patients of HTN and DM and Thyroid pathology.
Can do Pain management,can do fellowships in critical care and become chief ICU Intensivist that may earn you up to 1.5 to 2 lakhs depending on hospital settings.
Not as much chilled life as it sounds bro.You will get call anytime when an emergency surgery comes.
Lots of travel if you’re free lancing at multiple hospitals and with multiple surgeons which is ,on long run, exhausting.
Surgeons always have an extra anesthetist on standby so you may not always be able to get all the calls but that is good too.You can have your relaxing times.
Not much recognition by patients if only doing inductions in OT and PAC.

Definitely in metro’s theres large number of anesthesist doing freelancing and surgeons already have tie with them. So it is difficult for beginner unless he have a good surgeon frnd with having own hospital.