Pros and cons of m.d pharmacology as a carrier which books to be followed at first yr

Pros and cons of m.d pharmacology as a carrier which books to be followed at first yr

Beautiful subject.
Can work as a professor/tutor/join coaching classes and teach/develop drugs/join pharmacovigilance/pharmaceutical companies me consultant or researcher.

Yes, because being a clinician is a passion of 99% of medicos. Leaving every bit of clinical / lab work forever and engaging in corporate desk job scares all doctors.

Pros-Intresting subject,u know about every avaliable drug,u learn research about newer drugs,u can be medical teacher researcher in drug development,in pharmacovigilance,off label as u have complete knowledge of drugs u can be a general practitioner too
Cons- I didn’t find any

Opportunities after doing MD Pharmacology are many with posts like Medical Advisor, Regional Medical Advisor, Medical Science Liaison, Pharmacovigilance, medical writing, medical monitoring, clinical research manager, clinical pharmacologist and more.

One of the main reasons why students opt for MD Pharmacology is because of the salary. So, yes. MD Pharmacology will get you a good package from companies with a starting salary of 12 LPA (lakhs/ annum) being a common average. I have seen people get packages up to 15 LPA as a fresher.

Good growth potential can maintain work-life balance, 8 hrs per day 5 days a week, As a fresher 11 to 12 LPA, subsequently 16 to 18 LPA after switching. senior-level 30-60 LPA

Scientific head, Travel, salary, good work life balance. Research related branch, better work-life balance, multiple options of career to explore. You get to bring new drugs into the market. Clinical research – Feasibility, Medical monitoring, safety reporting, study team training, providing inputs on clinical study documents like Protocol, CSR, ICFs, regulatory presentations. Scope of work, People interactions, International exposure

Definitely. It’s a better option than going for a clinical branch that the candidate does not like.Decent pay, can settle early than your clinical colleagues, Financially better than an average clinician. Professionally depends on the line you choose in the future wrt the job profile. Personal time is ample. If you like to explore your skillsets outside medical knowledge, then the industry is a good place. You can learn marketing to IT to statistics and anything that you like. Very good, exposure to cross functions, multiple countries, opportunity to hone varied skillsets

Those who have an interest in corporate jobs and good salary packages are good candidates for MD Pharmacology.

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DM antimicrobial pharmacology
DM CNS pharmacology
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