Pros n Cons of taking PMR

1.Pros n Cons of taking PMR

2.Scope, opportunities after MD.PMR

happy to have any suggestion/comments from Seniors in PMR dept

BSc people also do PMR. After 2-3 degrees, they also open clinics and doctors

DrKarmendra Singh yes really. One friend of mine went to a physiotherapist. I saw her degrees. She did BPT, then MPT then some fellowship or something and then she had written there her name with prefix doctor and was running a pvt physiotherapy clinic.

To fir vo pmr mei MD ho gya?

Have you seen any PMR Opd, ipd or OT?

I think you are corelating pmr and physiotherapy

Both are diffrent

DrKarmendra Singh I’m sorry. I might be confused between the two. Please enlighten.

NMC has made it mandatory for PMR dept. In every college… it will be having a very good job opportunity in coming years… there are some interventional pain management fellowship programs in India for post MD (PMR) people…