Pulmonary HTN due to LV Dysfunction?

Why do we use ACE-i (along with Loop Diuretics which I get the reason behind the loops) in Pulmonary HTN due to LV Dysfunction?

With loop diuretics… Low BP will trigger RAAS, hence to inhibit its effects ACE inhibitors help. Its also carries inhibitory effect over cardiac remodelling in LV dysfunction.

makes sense but if there’s reflex sympathetic activity issue, we would have given BB? Or we can’t give them due to Acute CHF? If that’s the moa, it makes sense.

Then we need to see what is the ejection fraction… If its low or patient has decompensated HF, beta blockers should be avoided.

Yep, exactly, is there any guidelines against ACE-I during decompensated CHF? I am not aware of any but want to make sure hehe