Q 143 Hyaluronic acid is present in?


Q 143 Hyaluronic acid is present in?
A. Aqueous humor
B. Vitreous humor
C. Lens
D. Cornea

Q 144 The following ocular structure is not derived from surface ectoderm ?
a) Crystalline lens
b) Sclera
c) Corneal epithelium
d) Epithelium of lacrimal glands

Q 145 Gunn sign is?
A. Silver wiring of arterioles
B. Deflection of veins at arteriovenous crossing
C. Copper wiring of arterioles
D. Tapering of veins on the either side of the crossings


Q 146 Serum angiotensin converting enzyme may be raised in all of the following, except ?
A. Sarcoidosis
B. Silicosis
C. Berylliosis
D. Bronchogenic carcinoma

Q 147 Gold standard test for measuring Ɵ HCG levels in serum is?
B. Bioassay
C. Radioimmunoassay
D. Latex agglutination test


Q 148 45 year old farmer has itchy erythematous papular lesions on face, neck, ā€˜Vā€˜ area of chest, dorsum of hands and forearms for 3 years. The lesions are more severe in summer and improve by 75% in winter. The most appropriate test to diagnose the condition would be ?
A.Skin biopsy
B. Estimation of IgE levels in blood
C. Patch test
D. Intradermal prick test

Q 149 A 5 year old child has eczematous dermatitis on extensor surfaces, His mother has a history of Bronchial asthma. Diagnosis should be ?
a) Atopic dermatitis
b) Contact dermatitis
c) Seborrhoeic dermatitis
d) lnfantile eczematous dermatitis


Q 150 The best indicator for monitoring the impact of Iodine Deficiency Disorders control programme is ?
A. Prevalence of goiter among school children
B. Urinary iodine levels among pregnant women
C. Neonatal Hypothyroidism
D. Idoine level is soil

Q 151 all of the following are the mode of transmission of leprosy except?
A. Breast milk
B. Insect bite
C. Transplacental spread
D. Droplet infection

Q 152 Which one of the following statements about influence of smoking on risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) is not true?
A. Influence of smoking is independent of other risk factors for CHD
B. Influence of smoking is only additive to other risk factors for CHD
C. Influence of smoking is synergistic to other risk factors for CHD
D. Influence of smoking is directly related to number of cigarettes smoked per day


Q 153 Weiss operation is done for?
A. Cicatricial entropion
B. Senile entropion
C. Senile ectropion
D. Cicatricial ectropion